Monday, August 15, 2011

Post Script: maps & elevation profiles showing our journey

The data recorded on our Garmin GPS bike computers has enabled the compilation of a good geographic record to help us remember details of our bike ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats in June & July.

The map below showing our route through Britain was developed by merging the individual GPS files for each of the 23 days we rode (double click on the image to enlarge it).  

There is an elevation profile below the map which confirms that the route was hilly.  Total climbing was 16,900 vertical metres.  The route fluctuated between sea level and about 460m, though curiously the composite profile doesn’t show the several high points that were over 400m and some that were over 300m.  But the bumps are in the right areas.

Detailed maps and annotated elevation profiles for each day are on this separate page:  They are displayed under the headings that were used in this blog to describe our trip but in reverse order.  This means that the map & elevation profile for the first day’s ride appears at the very top of the page followed successively by those for later days under headings that broadly indicate the part of Britain we were in. The places and landmarks we passed through or near are underlined on the maps.   

The URLs to the files stored on the Garmin Connect website are provided above the maps.  By accessing those files it's possible to see more detail about the route we took as well as other information concerning each day’s ride.

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